How do I book Hurricane Entertainment LLC?

We're Glad you've picked Hurricane Entertainment as your DJ!
To get started with the event booking process, simply give us a call at 844-266-HEDJ (4335). You can also email bookings@hurricaneentertainmentdj.com

What are your rates?

Ninety percent of the time, this is the first question couples will ask. It's a fair question as you may think DJs are all the same. The truth is ... they're not.

Club DJs, Radio DJs, Prom DJs, Bar DJs, Amateur DJs, Professional DJs and Wedding DJs are all different. Our prices are a reflection of our talents, services and our training. A teenager that DJs in their spare time with their bedroom as an office, isn't going to charge more than a couple hundred dollars.  Those of us with years of experience and thousands of shows behind us are going to charge a bit more. Depending on a variety of variables, your wedding day will most likely cost between $700-$1200. Add-On packages may increase this should you like additional services beyond what's included in the main packages.

Are your rates negotiable? Will you match a competitor's price?

You'll never find two providers with identical experience, personality, quality of equipment, and music selection. Not all DJ's are equal. In fact, most cases, "you get what you pay for". This can seem worrisome but is also very true in some cases. A DJ who has recently started within 2 years, could be a brides worst nightmare for her wedding day.  The fact is, over 75% of Brides wish they would have spent double or triple the amount on their wedding Entertainment. (example: a $400 DJ will never be the same as a $800 DJ). 

When should I book my event?

Most of our Clients book 6 to 24 Months in advance. We recommend you book our services as soon as possible. Once we receive a signed contract for any event, that date gets blacked out for any other possible events. Bookings are on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. We only service a maximum 1 event per day.

I've never hired a DJ company before. What is the general process?

After you contact us about your event and decide to book with us, we will send a contract to you in order to guarantee the services. In most cases, a 50% retainer may be required as well. Upon receipt of your signed contract and retainer, the date is booked. If your event includes the use of our online planning system, we will activate your online planning tools immediately, and send you your personalized login which will allow you to begin inputting details about your event. As your event approaches, your entertainer will be in touch with you to discuss the final details of the event and answer any remaining questions that you may have.

Can I visit a performance of yours?

Out of respect for & privacy for our current clients and customers, we never invite guests or potential clients to any of our performances. Implementing this policy allows for our DJ's to focus on providing top notch quality entertainment to our client. We'll be certain to provide you with the same great experience they had.